The Dream

"When I was a child I found a dead pigeon in a gutter. Not far from where I live now actually, I think, but I cant be sure. There was petrol in the gutter and it was swirling around in those iridescent greens and purples and it matched the colours in the birds lifeless neck. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Someone, an adult, noticed what I was staring at and probably getting quite close too and pulled me away with disgust. It was that disgust stayed with me, how could something so beautiful to me be so universally disgusting. It was then I learnt that pigeons weren't like other birds, they were dirty, they were different. So I loved them more, I started to watch them. They are everywhere and no one ever sees them. And they are intelligent too."

-Tessa Metcalfe

Filmography : Mollie Mills
Art direction : Tessa Metcalfe
Makeup artist : Lisa Chau
Model : Megan Turner-Jones