Secret Ring Sizing

 If you're trying to get a ring size, but its a secret, here's a few stealthy suggestions that might help you

  • The best way, is if you can pinch one of their rings without them noticing, you can pop into a local jewellers and ask them to measure it, they shouldn't mind. Make sure you know which finger the ring fits, we can roughly work out the size of the engagement finger if we have a good measurement of another finger, as long as we know which one it is.
  • Secondly, order yourself a FREE RING SIZER and ask one of their friends to help you. Get a few of their rings, see which fingers they fit and measure the finger.
  • Lastly, email us a photograph of their hand (look on their instagram, holding a cocktail, cuddling a puppy, you'd be surprised.) Tessa has a knack for telling ring sizes by site. It's not 100%, but she's pretty good at it and will be accurate..