How to Apply


Part-time - 10 days per month

Starting wage: £15 per/hour - additional holiday and sick pay!!

Deadline for applications is midnight Monday the 1st of May

This application process is designed to be blind in order to eliminate any unconscious bias, not to be swayed by glossy cv's or distracted by flattering cover letters. We want to be as fair as possible.

There is a practical PART A and questions for PART B. Both should be completed and emailed together before the deadline. All applicants will be notified if they have been successful or not before we move on to the interview stage. 

Please carefully follow the instructions below and only send one email per application. Inability to follow these instructions may result in an unsuccessful application. 



Attach a photograph of your handwriting and bow samples to your application email. Guidelines are:

  1. Handwriting: Choose your favourite pen and write an address of your choice on a piece of paper (the way you would address a parcel). You may use our address: Tessa Metcalfe, 6 Laystall Street, London, EC1R 4PA. Or any address you like. We are looking for natural, neat, legible handwriting with a touch of elegance or personality. Nothing that takes a long time. 
  2. Bows: Choose a piece of flat ribbon and tie a pretty bow around something to show us your bow tying skills please. 

    PART B

    In an A4 document please type your answers to the questions below. Number your answers (no need to include the question) and leave two lines space between each answer. Please use a generic font and do not 'design' the page. These will be judged blind and it helps us be totally unbiased. 

    1. This is a part-time job averaging 10days per month, more days in busier periods. It's important that this suits your own schedule. Please explain how a part-time job fits in with your career/other interests/lifestyle.
    2. We are looking for someone that is methodical and organised with attention for detail. Can you give an example of how one, or both of these qualities manifests in your own life?    
    3. Scenario: You've arrived at work to lovingly package up orders placed over the weekend, you're looking through the sales and we have 60 unshipped orders. But you know you can wrap and post about 30 in one day. What would you do/suggest? How would you prioritise them? 
    4. To give us an idea about your approach to sales assisting: when helping a client choose a special piece of jewellery, what question might you ask and why?
    5. To show us how you talk, think and enjoy jewellery, please tell is which is your favourite piece of jewellery from our collection and why? 
    6. We are a small business and as such face lots of unexpected challenges. Do you you have any extra skills that you think might be useful? Or do you have any experience that you think would make you perfect for this role?

      Email applications to: 

      Subject line: Job application - ORDER FULFILMENT / SALES ASSISTANT

      Email body:  your name and contact telephone number

      Please take your time, check that both the photos for PART A and the questions for PART B are attached. One email per application please!

      Thank you for your interest in the position!! I know there's a lot of great people out there and we are excited to welcome some fresh blood to the team. 

      Tessa xx