Ashes Lockets

These lockets are each designed to contain ashes. About half a teaspoon of remains will be wrapped in black silk and carefully sewn inside the locket chamber. I have made a bespoke gold casing for each locket which then wraps around tightly hugging them closed them forever. 

Four of the lockets would be best suited to rings and measure between 18 and 21mm wide. Some feature stones already and more stones could be added into the blobs or into the sides of the piece. I have made some suggestions in the descriptions. One locket for an earring I have made up to show how it will hang. 

The prices on the lockets are estimates for the whole finished piece. Any extra stones or features will be quoted and added on.Please ignore that they say 'sold out' for now, this is just for the preview.

Thank you so much for your patience, I hope you like them. I am really looking forward to encapsulating your loved ones within these designs. Any ideas or questions pop me an email.

Tessa xx