Topaz generally has a really good clarity and they are also very hard making them bright and sparkly so ideal for jewellery. There are a range of different colours but blue is by far the most popular common. There are three different shades of blue topaz;

Sky blue topaz is the palest, a very light blue and crystal clear. 

Swiss blue topaz is a bright blue. A really vibrant strong colour, many of these are heat treated to make the colour more intense, and sometime the colour is so vivid it looks slightly unnatural.

London blue Topaz this is our favourite shade, it is a dark greyish blue and has lots of mystery and depth to the colour. 

Imperial topaz is the rarest and most expensive shade of topaz. It is a peachy pink or a warm orange. Its a precious alternative for citrine but has the price tag to match.

Colours: Clear, pink, brown, orange and blue.

Mohs scale: 8

Crystal Formation: Orthorhombic

Country of Origin: Russia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Nigeria and USA