Morganite is the pale pink shade of the mineral beryl. She has a soft pink colour with a warm peachy tinge and excellent clarity which gives her a real sparkle. Because of the pale colour this is a stone that works best a little bigger as you need the size to get a good depth to the colour. Morganite was only discovered relatively recently around 1910 on an island off the coast of Madagascar. It was relatively inexpensive, that was, until the mines ran out, meaning that all the morganite, pretty much, has been mined making it much rarer than initially thought, so, predictably, the price has gone way up. We can still get our claws on some stunning examples, but you need to be flexible on cut as the options are limited. But no one will have a stone like it, that's for sure!

Colours: Pale pink, a little peachy sometimes. 

Mohs scale: 7.5 - 8

Crystal Formation: Hexagonal

Country of origin: Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Mozambique and Russia.