Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer diamond is deceptive by name and is actually not a diamond but a type of quartz, the 'fools gold' of the diamond world. The crystal has a 'double-terminated' structure and instead of growing up from a rock instead grows out from 'seed' giving it the symmetrical organic faceted looking shape. This crystal formation is similar to the way a diamond grows so when they were first discovered in the NYC State Herkimer mine in the late 18th century it was believed that they had discovered a diamond mine. The crushing disappointment with the realisation that it was in fact quartz makes the stone that much more entertaining and adds to its charm. A playful choice for an unconventional engagement ring and also fun to pair next to their real diamond sisters. 

Colours: Clear, black inclusions. 

Mohs scale: 7

Crystal Formation: Double terminated with 18 facets

Country of origin: Herkimer County, NYC, USA