Job Description

Job Title: Sales and Admin Manager

Reporting to: Tessa Metcalfe

Full time, 4 day a week (28-35hrs) Starting at £29k per annum. Needs to be available to start work straight away from our London premises.

The role is responsible for the admin side of operations. Communicating with the customers directly and developing systems to ease the flow from production to client. Balancing expectation and timescales with production in the workshop. This position is suitable for a passionate, highly organised person that enjoys creative problem solving. We are a very small team and this is an integral role to the running of the company. 

Summary of the role:


Customer service emails
Booking shop appointments
Managing bespoke due dates 
Managing the work schedule of the packaging assistant/s to the shipping time adjusting for busy periods.
Shipping and logistics


    Accounts payable
    Making sure we are on top of tax deadlines
    Liaising with the bookkeeper for the accounts
    Filing receipts (hard copy and online)


      Managing stock levels
      Thinking of solutions and creative problem solving

        Office management

        Forecast packaging usage and order accordingly
        Negotiate and build relationships with suppliers
        Interest in sustainability issues


          Skills and Experience:


          Highly organised and great time management skills
          Creative problem solver
          Calm and comfortable under pressure
          Competent with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
          High attention to detail

            Bonus Points

            Experience with Shopify/Xero 
            Passionate about the brand

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