Collection vs Bespoke

All our pieces are lovingly made by hand in our little workshop in the heart of London. They fall into one of two categories: 

Collection or Bespoke

Collection Pieces are a selection of designs that Tessa has been refining for years. She doesn't believe in seasonal collections, but makes small changes, adjusting and developing her signature designs over the years. Our small team replicate these collection styles by hand and we sell them online and in-store by appointment only. Tessa tries to keep her jewellery affordable so anyone can save up to own a piece of her work. She doesn't want to be an exclusive only-for-the-rich jeweller but instead create jewellery for the people, jewellery for pigeons. Many styles sell out as soon as we add them to the website but we don't want to put the prices up, or mass produce anything, so you just gotta wait sometimes. Collection pieces start from £65.

Bespoke Pieces are one-of-a-kind creations, no two are the same, each is designed and made by Tessa around a story, an idea, or a stone, or a feeling. Either specifically for a client, or straight from Tessa's imagination. Using only the finest precious gemstones and gold, with elaborate techniques and skill to create the ultimate vision. These unique one-of-a-kind designs are very limited and start at around £2000. How to get one of these can be found here.