How to Apply

We have designed a blind application process in order to eliminate any unconscious bias, not to be swayed by glossy cv's or distracted by flattering cover letters. 

Applications will be judged on your answers to the five questions below. The applicants with the best answers will be then asked for a zoom/skype interview and only then will we look at any accompanying cv's and covering letters. 

For this reason it is vital that you follow the directions below when applying. Inability to follow these instructions may result in an unsuccessful application.

Please email an A4 PDF attachment with only your answers numbered 1-5 and your name at the top. You may also attach your cv and a cover letter but these will be read after the initial selection is made. 

Deadline for applications is 8pm Tuesday the 13th of April. 

Email applications to:


Answer these 5 questions, we are looking for 100-250words per answer please. 

  1. A large part of this job is being incredibly organised and developing your own systems to manage the inbox, accounting files and packaging in the stock room. Please describe your method of organising one of the above.
  2. Have a look through our beautiful website and think about it from a customers point of view. Please make two suggestions of possible improvements that we could make and why.
  3. Scenario: We have just done a launch on the website and it sold out straight away BUT there was a problem with the 'reserve in cart' function on the website. Lots of people had the ring of their dreams in their cart only for it to disappear and say 'sold out' during the checkout, and they are not happy. You have got a lot of emails coming in with some angry ladies and gents and everything in between. What do you do to cope with the large volume of emails? How do you rectify the situation? What would you do going forward to avoid something similar happening again?
  4.  Scenario: We are heading towards our busy period and OH NO!! We're down to our last few boxes of ring boxes! We won't be able to post out any ring orders without boxes to put them in and our supplier says they don't have any in stock and it will take 3 months to make more. What do you do? What do you look for in possible alternatives? How do you stop this from happening again? 
  5. Due to the increased demand for our pieces we cannot produce enough jewellery to keep the website stocked. Many pieces are 'sold out' and when we have any in they go very quickly. Sometimes this can cause pressure as we feel we cannot keep up. You are also getting emails from people asking to order pieces which are currently sold out. What do you do? How do you manage the situation for the customer and avoid overwhelming the workshop? 


Thank you for your interest in the position!! We know there's a lot of talented people out there and we are excited to welcome your fresh ideas to our team. 

Tessa xx