Moonstone is either white or sometime clear and has a magical iridescent flash of violet or sometimes gold tinted rainbow. It is one of the three iridescent stones, with opal and labradorite. Of the two it is much more similar to labradorite as they both have a directional flash meaning that their iridescence is only visible at one angle. This is due to light diffraction through the crystal. She's a beautiful stone but usually quite included which does make her weak. The cloudy texture that you see is due to small inclusions which act like fault lines through the material. So beautiful, ghostly, and fragile.

Fun fact: The Romans believed moonstone was derived from solidified rays of the Moon.

Colours: Clear to white

Mohs scale: 6

Crystal Formation: Uneven to conchoidal

Country of origin: Armenian, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka and the USA